5 Reasons to Hire an Editor

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You may be wondering whether an editor can improve your writing any better than you can.

Here are 5 ways an editor will help you.

1. An editor is distanced enough from your writing to be objective.

When you’ve been working long enough on a piece of writing, it almost becomes part of you; that is, you’re so wrapped up in it that you can’t examine it with a neutral eye. That closeness is at once a blessing and a curse: you may know your content forward, backward, and sideways, but you’re also likely to miss mistakes because you’ve read and re-read it 50 times. That’s where an editor comes in. With little to no advance knowledge of your work, an editor can assess the quality of your writing through a clear lens. He or she should catch anything from the smallest bloopers–a misspelled word or wayward comma–to more glaring issues, such as continuity errors or faulty logic.

2. When you hire an editor, you take some of the pressure off yourself.

If you’re a perfectionist, hiring an editor is an excellent decision. You won’t need to worry about fixing every little thing that could be improved in your writing; you’re paying someone to do exactly that. As long as you provide good content, your editor can make it great. Better yet, you’ll feel confident submitting your work with the peace of mind it’s been professionally polished.

3. A good editor offers insight.

Any editor worth his or her salt should provide feedback on your writing. Constructive criticism can take many forms, from suggestions about how to clarify a part of your paper to double-checking that a phrase conveys your intended meaning. These questions and comments help to make your work the best it can be.

4. Editing is a learning opportunity.

The process of reviewing, accepting, and/or rejecting an editor’s comments and corrections helps you to assimilate his or her strengths into your own writing. In short, an editor will encourage you to be a stronger writer.

5. A trusted editor will provide ongoing support.

Aim to develop a close working relationship with your editor. Ideally, you’ll find a person to whom you can return time and time again. Once your editor gets a sense of your writing style and where you tend to need the most help, your interactions will be seamless and your work will continue to improve.

Your turn: what are some ways an editor has helped you?

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